Yacht Buyer's Representative

Supporting Yacht Sales for the Buyer

Do you want to be certain that the vessel you purchase will fit your operational and personal requirements?

Captain Len Beck's role as a Yacht Buyer's Representative assures you that all operational issues are investigated to make certain that the vessel is right for you and your family.

As the buyer's representative, Len Beck will guide the client through the survey process and help assess the follow up recommendations in order to be successful in meeting the intended mission for the vessel.

  • Representation protecting the yacht buyer's interests.
  • Empathy for yacht objectives defined by the yacht buyer.
  • Candid reporting and dialogue.
  • Assisting in determination of yacht's suitability.
  • Coordination of survey's, inspections, and involved party efforts.
  • On-site attendance of surveys, sea trials and transactional events.
  • Communications - assessment of a complex & technical environment, communicated to a point of understanding - for the benefit and decision making of the yacht buyer.
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